Medical Staff Directory

The medical staff at Hastings Surgical Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to our patients. Check out some Patient Testimonials.


Harold A. Friesen, CRNA
Nancy Harris, CRNA
Shane Kryzsko, CRNA
Larrissa Luther-Rossow, CRNA
Roger Souchek, CRNA
Troy L Swayze, CRNA
Sara Theoharris, CRNA

Anethesia/Pain Management

Mark S. Brosnihan, MD
John R. Dungan, MD

GI Endoscopy

David J. Schram, MD
Paul Wibbels, MD

GI Endoscopy/General Surgery

Gary W. Barth, MD
Jerry Seiler, MD


James Miller, MD

Maxillofacial Surgery

Larry L. Baker, MD
Elizabeth Schroeder, APRN


George Adam, MD
Jill Fish, MD
Terence K. Foote, MD
Todd Pankratz, MD


J. Kevin Belville, MD

Oral Surgery

John A. Coover, MD


Barry Bohlen, MD
Philip Cahoy, MD
Gary L. Chingren, MD
Scott L. Franssen, DO
Scott Lemek, MD
L.F. Lesiak, MD
Michael McCarty, MD
Charles Nowacek, MD
Gregory Sextro, MD
Michelle Batterman, PAC
Kimberly Gangwish, PAC
Jon Monk, PAC
Julie Shaw, PAC


V. Richard Bowen, MD
Mark Keller, MD
Andrea Clements, PAC

Pediatric Dental Surgery

Bobbi Augustyn, DDS
Edward Lockwood, DDS
Jessica Meeske, DDS


Philip A Maynard, DPM


Raymond W. Conant, MD
David S. Halsted, MD
David Powell, PAC


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